130 Cap Update and %200 CP BONUS

3 months ago 

Dear Players,
Firstly, Happy Eid Al-Adha!
We wish you a beautiful time with your family.
We got good news! PVP-Z 14D Update is finally here.
Check here for information about update.

With arrival of both Eid and Update, we are going to have huge 200% CP Donation Bonus: (Reborn too)
MaxiGame Reseller (Turkish)
Myth Reseller (Egypt)
SuperRewards (Global)

We hope you enjoy new update.
Creddy Online Team

130 Cap is coming.

3 months ago 

Dear Players,

The long awaited 130 Cap and 14D Update is here.
For more information, make sure to check our topic.

Update Information

We hope you will enjoy the new update.
Creddy Online Team

Eid Mubarak! 200% CP BONUS! 14D UPDATE PREVIEW!

5 months ago 

Dear players, Eid Mubarak!
We hope you have a good family time.

There will be 200% Donation bonus for 8 days.
And we have some little preview for 14D Update.

14D Update Sneak Peek
Myth Reseller (Egypt) (200% BONUS)
SuperRewards (Global) (200% BONUS)
MaxiGame (Turkey) (200% BONUS)

Creddy Online Team.
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