vPvP Opening Dates - Links!

2 months ago 

vPvP is finally coming up!

Beta Opening: 31.08
Grand Opening: 11.09

Server Introduction
Discord Server

We wish to see you ingame,
Creddy Online Team.

PVP-Z 1.951 Patch Notes

1 years ago 

Dear Creddy Lovers,
The server patch has been applied.

- Immortal is now being sold for Gold + Silk.
- CP Compensated for people who had 14D Sun Shield & CP Scrolls before the wipe.
- Added HWID(PC) Limit 1 for Drunk, Survival, Infinity War events.
- Added Unique Scrolls with brand new system, now they make notice and give points.
- Added brand new colorful globals!
- Added Damage & Defence scrolls back to Silk Shop.
- Added Special Flags to Magic Pop with STR/INT 8.
- Fixed GM Room and it s Uniques.
- Fixed a bug with Inventory Expansion item.
- Fixed Recent Alchemy on the Website.
- Fixed a bug which allowed entrance to Drunk Event with horses.
- Every character who login will receive 10,000 Silks for 1 time only per account.
- Unique Levels are lowered from 130 to 110.

Creddy Online Team

PVP-Z 110 Cap - 300% Eid Bonus!

1 years ago 

Dear Creddy Lovers,
First of all, happy Eid to everyone!

Since server was dead, we wiped everything and brought PVP-Z to 110 Cap back again.
For more information, you can check this link.

This Eid, we have 300% Bonus!!!
MaxiGame Reseller (Turkish)
Myth Reseller (Egypt)
SuperRewards (Global)
Creddy Online Team
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  • PVP-CTRL-Z – 7/1500
    Server Time: 08:14:40
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